Three Years After Rollout: A Report on Systemic Changes in a First-Year Engineering Program

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Department of Engineering Fundamentals


This report focuses on an overview and preliminary results for a project to update the first-year engineering program (FYEP) at with an enrollment base of approximately 1,000 students. We are now three years out from the rollout of an updated FYEP that dates from the fall semester, 2017. The goal we have for this paper is to economically describe at the 10,000-foot level (a) our reasons for the systemic changes we established, (b) the core architecture of our revised FYEP, (c) a selected subset of our preliminary findings and observations regarding our revised FYEP, (d) a special observation concerning the ease of transition from face-to-face operation over to complete internet operation of FYEP while maintaining the integrity of our revised operational model all in the context of a global pandemic (coronavirus), and (e) a thumbnail description of our plans for the future.

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2020 First-Year Engineering Experience