Technological innovation investments influence on the strategic orientation of socio-tech ventures

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Conference Proceeding

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College of Business


The technological innovation literature has widely considered the technological innovation process and outcomes of market driven, for-profit firms. However, research on the technological innovation process and outcomes of socio-tech ventures, those that are formed to create social value via employing technology, is lacking. Drawing from the adoption of innovation and strategic orientation literature, we present a conceptual model of how technological innovation investments by socio-tech ventures made during the innovation adoption process influences changes in its market versus social strategic orientation. These innovation investments are viewed across four relevant levels of analysis: Founders, Innovation, Organization, and External Environment. The conceptual model presented suggests that the tenure and innovation stance of venture leaders, the complexity and trialability of the technological innovation, the legal structure of the venture, and the social network interconnectedness can cause changes in the social-market strategic orientation balance of socio-tech ventures.

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PICMET 2018 - Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology: Managing Technological Entrepreneurship: The Engine for Economic Growth, Proceedings