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Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering


This paper presents a comparison study between methods of deep learning as a new cat-egory of slope stability analysis, built upon the recent advances in artificial intelligence and conventional limit equilibrium analysis methods. For this purpose, computer code was developed to cal-culate the factor of safety (FS) using four limit equilibrium methods: Bishop’s simplified method, the Fellenius method, Janbu’s simplified method, and Janbu’s corrected method. The code was ver-ified against Slide2 in RocScience. Subsequently, the average FS values were used to approximate the “true” FS of the slopes for labeling the images for deep learning. Using this code, a comprehensive dataset of slope images with wide ranges of geometries and soil properties was created. The average FS values were used to label the images for implementing two deep learning models: a multiclass classification and a regression model. After training, the deep learning models were used to predict the FS of an independent set of slope images. Finally, the performance of the models was compared to that of the conventional methods. This study found that deep learning methods can reach accuracies as high as 99.71% while improving computational efficiency by more than 18 times compared with conventional methods.

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