Thermo-photo coupled catalytic CO2 reforming of methane: A review

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


CO2 reforming of methane (CRM) is a promising approach to convert CO2 and CH4 into value-added chemicals. The recent development of thermo-photo coupled catalytic CRM not only addresses the low efficiency of photocatalysis but also reduces the high energy input needed for thermal catalysis. Despite the great potential of the novel thermo-photo coupled CRM technology, a comprehensive review in this field is still lacking. Herein, a critical discussion on the progress of thermo-photo coupled catalytic CRM is provided, after addressing the general issues for conventional thermocatalytic and photocatalytic CRM. The novel thermo-photo coupled CRM processes are divided into three categories, depending on the utilization form of solar energy and the involvement degree of the thermal energy. Then, the mechanism understanding and catalysts development for the three kinds of thermo-photo coupled CRM processes are delineated, respectively. Finally, with a firm belief in the great promise of the thermo-photo coupled catalytic CRM technologies, our suggestions to drive the prosperous development of the processes are stated.

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Chemical Engineering Journal