Catalysts for CO2reforming of CH4: a review

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


The increasing amount of greenhouse gases, especially CO2, in the atmosphere during the past decades has been a matter of great concern. Meanwhile, with the extensive exploration of natural gas resources, there is abundant CH4waiting for valorization. CO2or dry reforming of methane (CRM/DRM) is a promising approach to simultaneously utilize the two gases for the production of syngas. High-quality (free of sintering and carbon deposition during the reaction) and cost-effective catalysts are the key to the practical application of DRM. In this review article, the recent progress in the development of efficient and robust DRM catalysts is highlighted, after a brief introduction of the thermodynamics and general reaction mechanisms for DRM. The key factors in constructing highly efficient catalysts are addressed and the two major types of DRM catalysts,i.e., conventional supported catalysts and reduced solid solution catalysts, are clearly classified. Furthermore, with a firm belief in the great promise of DRM technology, the remaining challenges for DRM catalyst development are discussed along with our perspectives on the future research directions.

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Journal of Materials Chemistry A