iVisit – Practicing problem-solving in 360-degree panoramic site visits led by virtual humans

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Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering


Construction professionals require to use problem-solving skills to resolve issues on projects. However, there are limited opportunities for students to practice problem-solving skills within real-world contexts. This research explored the use of iVisit – 360-degree panoramic site visits supported by virtual humans for learning problem-solving skills within difficult-to-reach construction locations. This study aimed to understand the effects of iVisit on student problem-solving skills learning using a comparative evaluation that contrasted paper-based and iVisit-based interventions. Study findings indicate that iVisit effectiveness varied depending on the methodological requirements of each situated activity. iVisit was found to significantly increase the student development of problem-solving skills during activities that require direct observation of site material properties and their spatial relationships. However, no significant differences were detected for enhancing student understanding of abstract knowledge and its relationship with site assemblies. It was also found that students with higher spatial visualization abilities performed better in problem-solving activities.

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Automation in Construction