3D fusion between fluoroscopy angiograms and SPECT myocardial perfusion images to guide percutaneous coronary intervention

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Background: Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in stable coronary artery disease (CAD) is commonly triggered by abnormal myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI). However, due to the possibilities of multivessel disease, serial stenoses and variability of coronary artery perfusion distribution, an opportunity exists to better align anatomic stenosis with perfusion abnormalities to improve revascularization decisions. This study aims to develop a multi-modality fusion approach to assist decision-making for PCI. Methods and Results: Coronary arteries from fluoroscopic angiography (FA) were reconstructed into 3D artery anatomy. Left ventricular (LV) epicardial surface was extracted from SPECT. The artery anatomy and epicardial surface were non-rigidly fused. The accuracy of the 3D fusion was evaluated via both computer simulation and real patient data. Simulated FA and MPI were integrated and then compared with the ground truth from a digital phantom. The distance-based mismatch errors between simulated fluoroscopy and phantom arteries were 1.86 ± 1.43 mm for left coronary arteries (LCA) and 2.21 ± 2.50 mm for right coronary arteries (RCA). FA and SPECT images in 30 patients were integrated and then compared with the ground truth from CT angiograms. The distance-based mismatch errors between the fluoroscopy and CT arteries were 3.84 ± 3.15 mm for LCA and 5.55 ± 3.64 mm for RCA. The presence of the corresponding fluoroscopy and CT arteries in the AHA-17-segment model agreed well with a Kappa value of 0.91 (CI 0.89-0.93) for LCA and a Kappa value of 0.80 (CI 0.67-0.92) for RCA. Conclusions: Our fusion approach is technically accurate to assist PCI decision-making and is clinically feasible to be used in the catheterization laboratory. Future studies are necessary to determine if fusion improves PCI-related outcomes.

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Journal of Nuclear Cardiology