Electroplating Wastewater Treatment in China

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Electroplating is one of the most important parts in the modern manufacturing industry. All of our modern electronics need some sort of electroplating process to help it achieve its goals. From smartphone, computer, heavy machinery, decoration, to motor vehicle, almost everything that we used nowadays need electroplating in some ways. However, at the same time electroplating factory can do much harm to the natural environment. Electroplating industry produce 2.7 billion gallons of wastewater in China every year. And most of it won’t be treated to the required level and all go to the river and ocean. This causes a big issue for the environment. Dr. Hwang and Futianbao Environment Protection Technology Ltd. developed a new way to treat the electroplating wastewater. We called it “SCR”, “S” means separation, “C” means concentration and “R” means recycle. The world leading edge “SCR” technology was successfully developed in 2016 by our R&D team which leads by Dr. Hwang. This technology comprehensively not only uses various physical and chemical separation technologies to achieve salt concentration and crystallization, but also recycles heavy metal from the wastewater and reuse reclaimed water. This technology meets the “zero emission” requirement in China. At the same time, it achieves the goal of harmful waste reduction and resource recycling.

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Minerals, Metals and Materials Series