Facile Hydrothermal Synthesis of EAB-Type Zeolite under Static Synthesis Conditions

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Conventionally, EAB-type zeolites are crystallized by hydrothermal synthesis for many days under agitational synthesis conditions such as rotation or stirring. In the present study, EAB-type zeolite is obtained by hydrothermal synthesis within 12 h under static synthesis conditions for the first time. The effects of crystallization temperature, aging of the precursor sol, and addition of seed crystals are investigated. The results reveal that EAB-type zeolite can be obtained when using a precursor sol with short aging time followed by hydrothermal synthesis in a very narrow temperature range 110 °C−120 °C under static synthesis condition. Addition of seed crystals is found to suppress the formation of SOD-type zeolite, the primary phase at high hydrothermal synthesis temperatures, while it does not increase the crystallization rate of EAB-type zeolite. Furthermore, the crystallization behavior at 120 °C is examined by varying the synthesis time. EAB-type zeolite with invariably twinned plate-like morphology starts to crystallize between synthesis time of 3 to 6 h at 120 °C under the static synthesis condition.

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Crystal Research and Technology