Analog of electromagnetically induced transparency in metasurfaces composed of identical dielectric disks

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


An analog of electromagnetically induced transparency was revealed in metasurfaces (MSs), composed from identical dielectric resonators of simple cylindrical shapes. It was detected in numerical experiments at optical and microwave frequencies and confirmed by real experiments in the microwave range. The main specific of the observed phenomenon was its appearance at frequencies of electric dipolar resonances (EDRs) in MS elements, when total reflection of incident waves instead of transmission was expected. Investigations of electric field distributions in MSs allowed for detecting several Fano resonances caused by interaction between background radiation defined by incident waves, and radiation produced by oscillations of resonance fields in dielectric particles. The characteristics for EDR changes in phases of resonance oscillations by πradians were found controlling the transitions from constructive to destructive interference between participating wave processes. The onset of destructive interference was marked by sharp jumps by πradians in the spectra of signal phases. Performed analysis revealed that zero signals at Fano resonances, observed in the gaps between resonators, arranged along the electric field direction, could serve as indicators of realizing the conditions necessary for the transparency of MSs. These conditions included the elimination of the presence of background radiation and thus of interaction between trespassing waves and MSs.

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Journal of Applied Physics