Pavement conductive wearing surface with graphite heating film de-icing potential and performance experimental study

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Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering


It is known that the freezing of the road brings high risks to the traffic in winter. However, Traditional deicing technology has low deicing efficiency and severe damage to the road surface. Therefore, the new develop pavement conductive wearing surface with graphite heating film (PCWSG) could be one option to solve this problem. So the main objective of this paper is to investigate the road performance (high-temperature, low-temperature, moisture susceptibility, friction-resistance) of pavement conductive wearing surface with graphite heating film (PCWSG) and then evaluate its deicing potential. In this paper, several tests are conducted to evaluate the performance of PCWSG. The high-temperature performance is conducted by the laboratory wheel-tracking rut test. Low-temperature performance is characterized by the low-temperature bending test. Moisture susceptibility is studied by the freeze-thaw split test. Friction-resistance performance is estimated by the pendulum type friction coefficient measuring instrument and the small acceleration loading device. Furthermore, removing ice potential is studied by asphalt rutting slabs (various gradations) with graphite conductive wearing surface. The results show that pavement conductive wearing surface with graphite heating film (PCWSG) could improve the high-temperature, low-temperature, and friction-resistance compared with the original asphalt mixture. Although moisture susceptibility and wear performance decrease lightly but also satisfy the specification requirement. Moreover, removing ice potential of asphalt slabs with PCWSG results shows that AC-20 asphalt concrete with higher porosity has better deicing and snow removal effect. The PCWSG has lower heating and deicing cost and more effective deicing effects.

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International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology