Highly selective photocatalytic conversion of methane to liquid oxygenates over silicomolybdic-Acid/TiO2under mild conditions

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Conversion of CH4 into liquid oxygenates, which are of great importance for energy storage, usually requires critical conditions due to the difficult activation of the C-H bond of methane. Herein, we created a novel type of photocatalysts, by dispersing Keggin-Type POMs (H3PW12O40, H3PMo12O40, H4SiW12O40, and H4SiMo12O40) on TiO2 (P25), for conversion of methane to liquid oxygenates under 1.5G solar light irradiation, achieving a high selectivity of 82.4% for liquid oxygenates (mainly formic acid and formaldehyde). It was disclosed that the synergetic effect of POMs and TiO2 played a critical role in the catalysis. Furthermore, the photocatalytic reaction mechanism was revealed by isotope labeling techniques. This work provides the first successful example of utilizing POM-based photocatalysts for methane oxidation into liquid oxygenates.

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Journal of Materials Chemistry A