Continuous Audit Intelligence as a Service (CAIaaS) and Intelligent App Recommendations

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The audit profession is facing a major transition toward a tech-savvy environment, i.e., extensively employing technologies such as data analytics and continuous auditing in daily work. During this transition, one of the biggest challenges is the lack of skilled and experienced auditors who are able to use technologies effectively and efficiently. To solve the problem, this editorial proposes a new architecture, named Continuous Audit Intelligence as a Service (CAIaaS), to facilitate auditors to fully use technologies even with limited experience and knowledge. In the CAIaaS, auditors could capture and transmit their client data to a cloud, and then generate intelligent apps to accomplish specific tasks. Moreover, a recommender system could further suggest the most appropriate apps to use in a particular engagement. The CAIaaS platform and the recommender system, together with other intelligent audit aids, compose a CAI-based audit paradigm that enables semi-automatic app development and recommendations, and result analysis.

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Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting