Speckle Reduction in Imaging Projection Systems

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Diffractive diffusers (phase gratings) are routinely used for homogenizing and beam shaping for laser beam applications. Another use for diffractive diffusers is in the reduction of speckle for pico-projection systems. While diffusers are unable to completely eliminate speckle they can be utilized to decrease the resultant contrast to provide a more visually acceptable image. Research has been conducted to quantify and measure the diffusers overall ability in speckle reduction. A theoretical Fourier optics model is used to provide the diffuser’s stationary and in-motion performance in terms of the resultant contrast level. Contrast measurements of two diffractive diffusers are calculated theoretically and compared with experimental results. Having a working theoretical model to accurately predict the performance of the diffractive diffuser allows for the verification of new diffuser designs specifically for pico-projection system applications.

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Optics and Photonics Journal