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Coal is heterogeneous in nature, and thus the characterization of coal is essential before its use for a specific purpose. Thus, the current study aims to develop a machine vision system for automated coal characterizations. The model was calibrated using 80 image samples that are captured for different coal samples in different angles. All the images were captured in RGB color space and converted into five other color spaces (HSI, CMYK, Lab, xyz, Gray) for feature extraction. The intensity component image of HSI color space was further transformed into four frequency components (discrete cosine transform, discrete wavelet transform, discrete Fourier transform, and Gabor filter) for the texture features extraction. A total of 280 image features was extracted and optimized using a step-wise linear regression-based algorithm for model development. The datasets of the optimized features were used as an input for the model, and their respective coal characteristics (analyzed in the laboratory) were used as outputs of the model. The R-squared values were found to be 0.89, 0.92, 0.92, and 0.84, respectively, for fixed carbon, ash content, volatile matter, and moisture content. The performance of the proposed artificial neural network model was also compared with the performances of performances of Gaussian process regression, support vector regression, and radial basis neural network models. The study demonstrates the potential of the machine vision system in automated coal characterization.

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