Approximate deconvolution with correction: A member of a new class of models for high reynolds number flows

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Department of Mathematical Sciences


We propose a new family of models for uid ows at high Reynolds numbers, large eddy simulation with correction (LES-C), that combines a LES approach to turbulence modeling with a defect correction methodology. We investigate, both numerically and theoretically, one of these models, based on the approximate deconvolution model (ADM). The new model, approximate deconvolution with correction, is shown to be stable and higher order accurate with respect to the filtering width. It is shown to outperform its most natural competitor, the ADM, on a variety of benchmark problems. These include the computation of errors (on a problem with known solution), a benchmark problem of finding maximal drag and lift coefficients, ow past the step, and the discussion on Taylor{Green vortex solutions.

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SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis