Additively manufactured parametric universal clip-system: An open source approach for aiding personal exposure measurement in the breathing zone

Kirsi Kukko, Aalto University
Jan Sher Akmal, Aalto University
Anneli Kangas, Työterveyslaitos
Mika Salmi, Aalto University
Roy Björkstrand, Aalto University
Anna Kaisa Viitanen, Työterveyslaitos
Jouni Partanen, Aalto University
Joshua M. Pearce, Michigan Technological University

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Design for additive manufacturing is adopted to help solve problems inherent to attaching active personal sampler systems to workers for monitoring their breathing zone. A novel and parametric 3D printable clip system was designed with an open source Computer-aided design (CAD) system and was additively manufactured. The concept was first tested with a simple clip design, and when it was found to be functional, the ability of the innovative and open source design to be extended to other applications was demonstrated by designing another tooling system. The clip system was tested for mechanical stress test to establish a minimum lifetime of 5000 openings, a cleaning test, and a supply chain test. The designs were also tested three times in field conditions. The design cost and functionalities of the clip system were compared to commercial systems. This study presents an innovative custom-designed clip system that can aid in attaching different tools for personal exposure measurement to a worker's harness without hindering the operation of the worker. The customizable clip system opens new possibilities for occupational health professionals since the basic design can be altered to hold different kinds of samplers and tools. The solution is shared using an open source methodology.