Measurement of dynamic parameters of automotive exhaust hangers

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics; Keweenaw Research Center


Different methodologies to test and analyze the dynamic stiffness (K) and damping (C) properties of several silicone and EPDM rubber automotive exhaust hangers were investigated in this research. One test method utilized a standard MTS hydraulic test machine with a single sine excitation at discrete frequencies and amplitude levels, while a second method utilized an electrodynamic shaker with broadband excitation. Analysis techniques for extracting the equivalent stiffness and damping were developed in the shaker tests using data from time domain, frequency domain, as well as force transmissibility. A comparison of all of the shaker testing methods for repeatability and accuracy was done with the goal of determining the appropriate method that generates the most consistent results over the range of testing. The shaker testing in the frequency domain using a frequency response function model produced good results and the set-up is relatively inexpensive. The hydraulic excitation method, however, is more suitable for large displacements and is ideal to study the variations of K and C with frequency, displacement, temperature and pre-load.

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SAE Technical Papers