Comprehensive Studies on Rarefied Jet and Jet Impingement Flows with Gaskinetic Methods

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


This paper presents comprehensive studies on two closely related problems of high speed collisionless gaseous jet from a circular exit and impinging on an inclined rectangular flat plate, where the plate surface can be diffuse or specular reflective. Gaskinetic theories are adopted to study the problems, and several crucial geometry-location and velocity-direction relations are used. The final complete results include flowfield properties such as density, velocity components, temperature and pressure, and impingement surface properties such as coefficients of pressure, shear stress and heat flux. Also included are the averaged coefficients for pressure, friction, heat flux, moment over the whole plate, and the averaged distance from the moment center to the plate center. The final results include complex but accurate integrations involving the geometry and specific speed ratios, inclination angle, and the temperature ratio. Several numerical simulations with the direct simulation Monte Carlo method validate these analytical results, and the results are essentially identical. Exponential, trigonometric, and error functions are embedded in the solutions. The results illustrate that the past simple cosine function approach is rather crude, and should be used cautiously. The gaskinetic method and processes are heuristic and can be used to investigate other external high Knudsen number impingement flow problems, including the flowfield and surface properties for high Knudsen number jet from an exit and flat plate of arbitrary shapes. The results are expected to find many engineering applications.

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Communications in Computational Physics