Empirical assessment for end-to-end link quality of scalable mobile sensor networks

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


This paper presents a comprehensive metric to evaluate the link quality of scalable mobile sensor networks to maintain end-to-end communication links. The mobile nodes dynamically reconfigure themselves to maintain reliable end-to-end communication links. We present the empirical analysis and results of a link variability study for an indoor environment. All experiments are implemented on a mobile platform called PioMote team. Inspired by the Shannon-Hartley theorem, the analysis of three metrics is proposed, including received signal strength indicator (RSSI), active throughput, and packet loss rate (PLR). RSSI is adopted to reflect the basic performance of link quality in mobile sensor networks. Active throughput acting as a decaying threshold generator is used to estimate the critical point for smooth and stable communication. The metric PLR is adopted to reflect the cut-off point in end-to-end communication. The evaluation of link quality acts as feedback for the cooperative control of mobile nodes. The experimental results show the effectiveness of evaluation for link quality of scalable mobile sensor networks.

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International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications