Eletrophoretic Characterizations of Black Flies in the Simulium Venustum and Verecundum Species Complexes (Diptera: Simuliidae)

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Department of Biological Sciences


Electrophoretic characterizations of sibling species in the Simulium venustum-verecundum complexes are presented based on nine enzymatic loci, Simulium verecundum s.l. is easily separable from S. venustum s.l. by unique complements of electromorphs for lactate dehydrogenase. Quantitative and minor qualitative differences also exist between most pairs of sibling species within S. venustum and S. verecundum. Not all pairs are separable using the nine enzymatic loci scored in this study. This close genetic affinity of species pairs that are not separable by electrophoretic methods parallels their chromosomal and ecological affinity.

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The Canadian Entomologist