Using modified creep and recovery tests to evaluate the foam-based Warm mix asphalt contained nano hydrated lime

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Two Nano Hydrated Lime (NHL) materials with particle sizes of 50 nm and 100 nm wereused in this study to investigate to the effect of NHL modification on the creep and recovery ofWarm Mix Asphalt (WMA) binders foamed using AdveraR with respective to rutting. The NHLwas added to the asphalt binder at ratios of 20%, 10%, and 5% by weight of the asphalt binder. Thecreep and recovery tests were performed at three different stress levels, 3Pa (creep for 100 sec. and600 sec. recovery), 10Pa (creep for 20 sec. and 600 sec. recovery), and 50Pa (creep for 1 sec and300 sec. recovery). The tests were performed at a temperature of 58°C. The results were alsocompared with the Regular Hydrated Lime (RHL) results. The overall results reveal that the neatasphalt binders foamed using advera® showed larger permanent deformation (rutting) potentialcompared to the binder modified with RHL and NHL foamed using Advera®. As the NHL doseincreases, the non-recoverable compliance decreases (rutting decreases). It was also concluded thatthe application of the RHL with the normal dose (20% by weight of binder) can be replaced byadding 5% (by weight of binder) of 50 nm NHL with respective to rutting. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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Advanced Materials Research