High-Temperature Performance Evaluation of Bio-Asphalt on the Basis of MSCR Test

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© 2017, Editorial Department, Journal of South China University of Technology. All right reserved. The PG high-temperature classification, unrecoverable creep compliance, creep recovery rate and stress sensitivity of the bio-asphalt with different bio-oil dosages and temperatures were investigated by a high-temperature classification test and a multiple stress creep recovery test (MSCR), and the classification of the high-temperature performance of the bio-asphalt on the basis of the AASHTO MP 19 standard was analyzed. Then, the high-temperature performance of bio-asphalt mixtures was verified by a rutting test. The results show that (1) the critical temperature of integrated asphalt rutting factor produces a significant effect on the classification of origin bio-asphalt; (2) as compared with the matrix asphalt and S100 asphalt, the bio-asphalt achieves a higher recovery rate but with a smaller creep compliance; (3) the unrecoverable creep compliance and the stress sensitivity of the creep recovery rate show no obvious rule with the change of the bio-oil dosage, while the stress sensitivity of the bio-asphalt increases with the rise of temperature; and (4) 64℃ can be used as the reference temperature for high-temperature classification of low-dosage bio-asphalt.

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Huanan Ligong Daxue Xuebao/Journal of South China University of Technology (Natural Science)