The gems of New York State

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New York has produced some of the finest gem sphene, diopside, chondrodite, and calcite known from North America and is the world's only source for the rare collector's gem hexagonite. There are, of course, many other of the state's minerals that have provided gemstones worthy of note: e.g., fluorite from Penfield and Walworth in Monroe County, serendibite from Johnsburg in Warren County, sphalerite from the Balmat-Edwards district, danburite from Russell, and achroite (uvite-dravite) from DeKalb, all in St. Lawrence County, and, of course, colorless, flawless quartz (Herkimer "diamonds") from various localities in Herkimer and Montgomery counties. Given New York's diverse geology and continuing exploration, the list will surely grow.

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Rocks and Minerals