Core-shell structured TiO2 as highly efficient visible light photocatalyst for dye degradation

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


TiO2 is one of the most important photocatalysts, but it is inefficient for visible light photocatalysis due to its large band gap. Herein, the unique core-shell structured TiO2 photocatalyst was synthesized by a one-step hydrogen treatment at temperature of 400–600 °C. The novel catalyst exhibited excellent performance for visible light photocatalytic dye degradation at room temperature. Even under weak visible light (40 mW cm−2) illumination, its degradation efficiency for methylene blue dye was 400% higher than that of pristine TiO2. Such a large enhancement can be attributed to the stable Ti3+ centers inside the core for visible light photocatalytic activity and the disordered shell for dye adsorption.

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Catalysis Today