Nonlinear Power Flow Control Design for Networked AC/ DC Based Microgrid Systems

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© 2018 AACC. This paper presents a control design methodology that addresses high penetration of variable generation or renewable energy sources and loads for networked AC /DC microgrid systems as an islanded subsystem or as part of larger electric power grid systems. High performance microgrid systems that contain large amounts of stochastic sources and loads is a major goal for the future of electric power systems. Alternatively, methods for controlling and analyzing AC/ DC microgrid systems will provide an understanding into the tradeoffs that can be made during the design phase. This method develops both a control design methodology and realizable hierarchical controllers that are based on the Hamiltonian Surface Shaping and Power Flow Control (HSSPFC) methodology that regulates renewable energy sources, varying loads and identifies energy storage requirements for a networked AC/DC microgrid system. Both static and dynamic stability conditions are derived. A renewable energy scenario is considered for a networked three DC microgrids tied into an AC ringbus configuration. Numerical simulation results are presented.

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Proceedings of the American Control Conference