FlowVisual: A visualization app for teaching and understanding 3D flow field concepts

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© 2016 Society for Imaging Science and Technology. The study of fluid behaviors has been a challenging topic. Flow visualization enables us to visually acquire qualitative and quantitative flow information. There exist various software tools performing different flow visualization tasks. However, we lack tools that help students learn important flow field concepts. In this paper, we present a visualization app, named FlowVisual which runs on iOS devices, to illustrate basic flow field concepts in 3D. In order to meet a comprehensive learning goal for stu- dents, we integrate a number of techniques into FlowVisual de- sign, including field-line tracing, field-line comparison, critical point detection and classification, template-based seeding, and surface visualization. We evaluate and demonstrate the effective- ness of FlowVisual by conducting a formal user study including an introduction and training session, an auto-grading test, and a post-questionnaire survey.

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IS and T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging Science and Technology