The research study in the convergence of the results of processing radar images sentinel-1a with field observations of agricultural sites

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© 2019, Center of Geodesy, Cartography and SDI, FSBI. All rights reserved. The manuscript discusses how to monitor the condition of seedlings on agricultural fi elds planted with winter wheat, fodder maize and areas of fir forest located in the Freudenstadt district of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Germany. To solve the range of agricultural problems, they often use modern technologies such as satellite remote sensing of the Earth. The paper displays the monitoring results of the Sentinel-1A radar satellites scenes, as well as visual spectrum imagery of fi eld observations are presented when leaving directly to terrain segments. The processing deployed data chain, consisting of 11 Sentinel-1A scenes acquired in the timefrane from March to November 2018. Specifi cally, the SNAP Sentinel Toolboxes software was used to process the radar satellite images Sentinel-1А, the. Based on the the research outcomes the Committee of Agriculture of the Freudenstadt district is able to predict the yield amount with high accuracy due to good data convergence. According to the study, the following three important problems can be resolved by means of Sentinel-1A imagery: a) mapping the composition of crops sown and control of crop rotations; b) monitoring the state of vegetation; and c) monitoring of the agrotechnological work progress.

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Geodezia i Kartografia