Predicting influent estradiol and estrone concentrations for wastewater treatment facilities

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An externally validated model was developed to predict influent concentrations of natural estrogens at municipal wastewater plants. The model kinetic constant for the first-order biotransformation of estradiol into estrone, kE2, was calculated as 0.030 hour1 (ranging from -0.080 to 0.49 hour 1, with a standard deviation of 0.23) and the model value for the biodegradation k of estrone, kE1, was -0.18 hour-1 (ranging from -0.44 to 0.38 hour-1, with a standard deviation of 0.3). The k values were not found to be temperature-sensitive within the range 12 to 24.5°C and displayed a weak trend of increasing with total suspended solids within the range 0.103 to 0.450 g/L. The new model improved on the predictions of a previous model for influent estrone concentrations, but gave comparable results for estradiol.

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Water Environment Research