Optical loss characterization of SEO100C electro-optic polymer within single mode rib waveguides

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Designing high-performance electro-optic polymer modulators requires insight into device-specific waveguide losses. Losses for rib waveguiding structures fabricated using SE0100C core and NOA73 cladding layers are reported. The waveguide loss was measured at 4.2 dB/cm, which is high compared to losses for different electro-optic rib waveguides reported at 1.2-2.9 dB/cm. The refractive index of unpoled SEO100C was measured at 1.655, expanding on the manufacturer’s reported optical constants of 1.65 (TE) and 1.7 (TM) for poled SEO100C. Utilizing the reported specific structure loss in device design for minimal loss will facilitate high performance electro-optic polymer modulator applications.

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OSA Continuum