Advanced approach to assess and improve underground mine evacuation using discrete-event simulation and animation

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© 2016 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd. An advanced approach is presented to use discrete-event system simulation for a better evaluation of various configurations for emergency evacuation operations in underground mines. The mine system evacuation simulation (MSES) models are introduced and demonstrated as a powerful and cost-effective tool for improving emergency response protocols/procedures and planning rescue equipment in underground mine operations. These simulation and animation models can assist mining personnel, rescue teams, and engineers in designing, training, and investigating a wide range of 'what if?' questions in both rescue and evacuation attempts in case of disasters or mine emergencies. A simulation model of an underground metal mine with an animation interface was developed using GPSS/H® and Proof Professional®, discrete-event system simulation and animation programs, to analyse the mine's emergency evacuation plans. The simulation results provided realistic estimates of mine evacuation times for different scenarios under certain circumstances.

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International Journal of Mining and Mineral Engineering