DriTri: An in-vehicle wireless sensor network platform for daily health monitoring

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


In this paper, we report an in-vehicle wireless sensor network platform for daily health monitoring. The platform is capable of monitoring health risk factors due to long time sitting and driving. The system contains three sensor nodes for monitoring sitting pressure distribution, ECG, and GSR, respectively, which are good indicators of driving-induced chronic conditions. This platform is also compatible to other physical or physiological vital signals. The sensor data are wirelessly transmitted from multiple sensor nodes to the data sink via 2.4 GHz wireless standard for further data analytics. In order to decrease the discomfort of the system, the sensor nodes are installed in vehicle that the ECG, GSR, and sitting pressure distribution sensor nodes are attached on the seat belt, steering wheel, and driver seat, respectively. The sitting pressure distribution sensor node is designed based on 4×4 tribo-element array, which is ultra-low-cost and easy to assemble. The experiments were conducted on a driving simulator. The results showed that the DriTri system can provide multiple vital signal monitoring for daily use in vehicle at very low cost.

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