Data-dependent systems profilometry of two-dimensional surfaces

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Fourier-transform profilometry (FTP) and data-dependent systems profilometry (DDSP) are two methods that are available for recovering one-dimensional fine surface profiles from the phase of a single interferogram. FTP has already been extended to two-dimensional surfaces; a similar extension of DDSP is introduced here. Inasmuch as this extension involves autoregressive modeling of the rows or columns of an interferogram, the feasibility of using a common model order is explored. The common order reduces not only the amount of computation but also the errors caused by the heterodyned phase-removal procedure. As autoregression requires masking the first few data values, the length of the mask is determined by means of a Green’s function. A comparison shows that DDSP outperforms FTP in roughness measurements in terms of rms and center-line average. The comparison also shows that DDSP is able to recover a detailed surface, whereas FTP outlines only the global features. An interferogram regeneration procedure provides a reference surface for the verification of results. © 1999 Optical Society of America.

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Applied Optics