Ab initio electric dipole f values for Fe II (3d < sup> 6 4s + 3d < sup> 7 ) J = 9/2 → 3d < sup> 6 4p J = 9/2 transitions

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Relativistic configuration interaction f values have been obtained for 264 transitions between the lowest 12 J = 9/2 and 22 J = 9/2° levels. Length and velocity gauges agree to 3.8% for the in-shell transitions, and 10.0% for the shell jump transitions. Two of the J = 9/2° levels are so nearly degenerate that it was necessary to introduce a semiempirical correction to produce the proper level ordering. Landé g values are calculated for all levels, and a more efficient way of adding magnetic Breit effects to the energy matrix is given. © Physica Scripta 2005.

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Physica Scripta