Crosswell seismic amplitude-versus-angle studies at a Niagaran reef

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A high-resolution crosswell seismic data set was collected over a Silurian Niagaran reef in Michigan's lower peninsula. The survey was optimized for both reflection imaging purposes and the gathering of a wide range of incidence angles. With this we can do a highly detailed interpretation using the post stack migrated data, and utilizing the prestack data for AVA (amplitude variation with angle) analyses. With the wide range of incidence angles and by comparing AVA observations with model predictions we can better determine and map the various litho-facies and fluid distributions within a carbonate reef oil reservoir. In addition to the extremely high resolution of the crosswell images, reflections are obtained from boundaries that have near-zero reflectivity at small angles of incidence because of the large reflectivity that occurs near the critical angle. This has implications in allowing operators of carbonate reef oil reservoirs to better image the interior structure of the reservoirs and to identify those areas that may still contain amounts of oil after initial production. © 2005 Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

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