Research and development trends of polyurethane modified asphalt

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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Since the emergence of polymer modified asphalt materials, its function and preparation technology have been continuously optimized, the polymer modified asphalt have achieved remarkable results in improving the traffic comfort and prolonging the service life of asphalt pavement. Although polymer modified asphalt have been developed for nearly 100 years, the production, storage and performance of traditional polymer modified asphalt are still unsatisfactory. Therefore, it is urgent to find a new asphalt modifier which can effectively make up for the deficiencies mentioned above. Polyurethane began to implement large-scale industrial production in the late 1960s, and it has been widely used in coating, sealant, elastomer and other fields all over the world. Based on the outstanding advantages in structural, polyurethane is obviously different from other polymer modifiers used in the market. Unfortunately, few studies have been reported on the application of polyurethane in asphalt modification, how to fully explore its advantages and make use of it, so as to meet the current urgent requirement for high-performance asphalt pavement, which has become a major challenge to road workers.

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Materials Reports