An approach to quantify the influence of ground motion uncertainty on elastoplastic system acceleration in incremental dynamic analysis

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© 2017, © The Author(s) 2017. Inclusion of ground motion–induced uncertainty in structural response evaluation is an essential component for performance-based earthquake engineering. In current practice, ground motion uncertainty is often represented in performance-based earthquake engineering analysis empirically through the use of one or more ground motion suites. How to quantitatively characterize ground motion–induced structural response uncertainty propagation at different seismic hazard levels has not been thoroughly studied to date. In this study, a procedure to quantify the influence of ground motion uncertainty on elastoplastic single-degree-of-freedom acceleration responses in an incremental dynamic analysis is proposed. By modeling the shape of the incremental dynamic analysis curves, the formula to calculate uncertainty in maximum acceleration responses of linear systems and elastoplastic single-degree-of-freedom systems is constructed. This closed-form calculation provided a quantitative way to establish statistical equivalency for different ground motion suites with regard to acceleration response in these simple systems. This equivalence was validated through a numerical experiment, in which an equivalent ground motion suite for an existing ground motion suite was constructed and shown to yield statistically similar acceleration responses to that of the existing ground motion suite at all intensity levels.

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Advances in Structural Engineering