On the Design of Polymeric Composite Structures for Cold Regions Applications

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This study focuses attention on low-temperature hygrothermal effects which influence the short- and long-term behavior and characterization of polymeric composite materials. A review of the literature reveals a scarcity of low-temperature material performance data needed for design of composite materials for cold regions applications. Four problem areas are identified: (1) hygrothermal residual stresses, (2) material degradation due to low-temperature environmental cycling, (3) moisture effects on freeze-thaw cycling, and (4) long-term synergistic effects of combined loading history and environmental exposure on material durability. A brief review of past work is presented and areas identified where more research is needed to develop the data base required for design of composite materials for cold environments. © 1988, Sage Publications. All rights reserved.

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Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites