High Temperature Rheological Properties on SBS Modified Bio-binder

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© 2018, Editorial Department of Journal of SJZU. All right reserved. To analyze the high temperature rheological properties of modified bio-asphalt prepared by mixing matrix asphalt and bio-oil extracted from sawdust,and to seek alternative materials for petroleum asphalt.The variations of viscosity,rutting factor,phase angle and complex modulus under different contents of bio-oil and different temperatures were tested by rotational viscometer (RV) and dynamic shear rheometer (DSR).The ascertaining of mixing and compaction temperature were analyzed.The effect of stress level and action times on the viscous component of creep stiffness and the cumulative strain was studied through repeated creep recovery test (RCRT).The results showed that,when the content of bio-oil is less than 10%,the high temperature performance of bio-binder decreases with the increase of bio-oil content.When the dosage is more than 10%,the aging effect increases.The addition of bio-oil could make the viscosity of modified bio-asphalt have a certain degree of decline,and the viscosity of the bio-binder is higher than base asphalt.The effect of stress level on the viscous properties of bio-asphalt is small,but its effect on the cumulative strain is significant.The change laws of the rheological properties of modified bio-asphalt were obtained through the experiments,which provides the data support for further research and engineering practice.

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Shenyang Jianzhu Daxue Xuebao (Ziran Kexue Ban)/Journal of Shenyang Jianzhu University (Natural Science)