Design and optimization of a magnetoelastic tensile force sensor

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© 2016 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved. A wireless, passive sensor was fabrication for monitoring tensile force on a wire-like structure. The sensor was made of a magnetoelastic strip attached to a rigid bracket. A tensile force applied to the metallic bracket generated a strain on the magnetoelastic strip, changing its magnetic permeability. The change in the magnetic permeability was remotely measured by applying an AC excitation magnetic field through a coil and monitoring the changes in the induced magnetic field from the strip. The advantage of this sensor is its wireless, passive nature, which makes it ideal as an embedded sensor for long term use. Furthermore, the use of solid bracket also increases the sensor's dynamic range as well as controls its force sensitivity. In this work, the performances of sensors with different designs were investigated. Specifically, sensors with various methods of connections, materials of brackets, and magnetoelastic strip placements were evaluated to determine the optimal configurations for use in different applications.

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Sensor Letters