Revival of saprotrophic and mycorrhizal basidiomycete cultures after 20 years in cold storage in sterile water

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Vegetatively colonized agar cores of 69 basidiomycete fungus isolates (48 species in 30 genera and 17 families) were stored at 5°C in tubes of sterile distilled water without manipulation for 20 years. These were represented by 34 isolates of saprotrophic fungi (29 species in 19 genera) and 35 isolates of mycorrhizal fungi (19 species in 11 genera). Viability was evaluated based on revived growth on agar media at room temperature. Fifty-seven of the 69 isolates (82.6%) grew vigorously when revived after storage for 20 years; of the 34 saprotrophic fungus isolates, 30 revived (88.2%); of the 35 mycorrhizal fungus isolates, 27 revived (77.1%). Thirteen isolates of Laccaria were all viable after 20 years, indicating cold storage in sterile water to be a good method for maintaining this important genus of mycorrhizal fungi. In general, however, mycorrhizal fungus species demonstrated lower viability than saprotrophic fungi. © 2008 NRC.

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Canadian Journal of Microbiology