A preliminary study of the mechanical properties of asphalt mixture containing bottom ash

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This paper shows a preliminary study of asphalt mixtures containing bottom ash with a primary focus on the permanent deformation. The objectives of this study are (i) perform literature reviews on the mechanical properties of asphalt mixtures containing bottom ash; (ii) evaluate the effects of using bottom ash as the mineral filler for the asphalt mixture through the flow number and dynamic modulus tests; and (iii) use the test results to evaluate the pavement permanent deformation using the Mechanistic-empirical pavement design guide (MEPDG) analysis. It was found that the asphalt mixture using bottom ash uses higher asphalt content due to the higher absorption. The replacement with bottom ash in the asphalt mixture generates a lower dynamic modulus as compared to the control mixtures. Additionally, results from MEPDG analysis show mixtures with bottom ash have higher rutting potential. © 2008 NRC Canada.

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Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering