Review of advances in micromechanical modeling of aggregate-aggregate interactions in asphalt mixtures

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This paper presents a comprehensive review of the work done by a number of researchers on the modeling of asphalt mixture. Included are some of the earliest models such as those with non-interacting particles (models with and without geometry specified), models with particle interaction, and some new models developed in recent years. The paper focuses on the description and comparison of the most recently developed finite element network model (FENM), a clustered discrete element model (DEM), and a micromechanical finite element model (FEM) used in micromechanical modeling of asphalt mixture. These models consider the complex mixture microstructure and aggregate-aggregate interaction. These models are demonstrated and applications of the advances are provided, where virtual laboratory simulation and laboratory tests were employed. The feasibility of nanotechnology application in asphalt mixture is also briefly discussed. © 2007 NRC Canada.

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Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering