Multi-scale characterization of hydrated lime mastics

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© 2017, Canadian Science Publishing. All rights reserved. This study is devoted to characterize the behavior of the hydrated lime-asphalt binder mastic (HLM) using the viscosity characteristics (relative viscosity versus shear rate profile) and viscoelastic properties. In addition, the multiple stress creep recovery, linear amplitude sweep, and asphalt binder cracking device tests were also performed, for the sake of characterization of permanent deformation, fatigue cracking, and low temperature cracking, respectively. The large amplitude oscillatory shear test was utilized to characterize the nonlinear behavior of HLMs using Lissajous-Bowditch plots and associated local viscoelastic measures (minimum and large strain complex shear moduli). Overall, the HLM is able to improve the stiffness-related properties of pavement; on the other hand, this mastic can help resist load and non-load associated cracking. In addition, the nonlinear behavior revealed higher stress response of the HLMs compared to base binder even after increased number of cycles which could be an indicator of the ability to sustain high stresses and strains.

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Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering