A conditioning method to evaluate moisture influence on the durability of asphalt mixture materials

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© 2016, Canadian Science Publishing. All rights reserved. Over the years, researchers have developed many laboratory methods for conditioning and evaluating the moisture damage of asphalt mixtures. Most of the tests do not fully simulate field conditions and the evaluation criterion does not always predict the long-term susceptibility to moisture damage. This paper aims to present a comprehensive conditioning and evaluation method that simulates field conditions to assess the durability of bituminous layers against moisture damage. The equipment consists of a system applying a cyclic load on samples in which water can be forced through. The assessment procedure is based on the indirect tensile strength test after the conditioning method, from which the concept of the Damage Rate as an indicator for classifying the durability of mixtures against moisture damage, was developed. The method would allow asphalt practitioners to evaluate the mixture for susceptibility to moisture on a routine basis.

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Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering