Validation of the Physically Reasonable Infrared Signature Model (PRISM)

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© 1988 SPIE. All rights reserved. The utility of a thermal model can only be realized after careful validation. At KRC a series of tests have been conducted to validate The Physically Reasonable Infrared Signature Model (PRISM). PRISM is a first principles semi empirical model developed for but not limited to thermally modeling vehicles. There are many factors which go into accurately modeling a vehicle's thermal characteristics, error can have many sources. The ultimate goal of validation should be to isolate the sources of error as much as possible to gain a better insight into model behavior. Tests were conducted at KRC using a simple facet structure consisting of four one foot square aluminum plates. This structure was used to minimize the errors that result from facet geometry. The tests were run in both mid summer and winter to observe any change in model accuracy that is seasonally related. Tests were then conducted using a M2 Bradley to validate the model for vehicles.

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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering