Airborne visible hyperspectral imaging spectrometer: Optical and system level description

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© 1996 Imaging Spectrometry II. All rights reserved. During the past year, Kestrel Corporation has designed and built a low cost Fourier transform hyperspectral imager (FTHSI) for deployment in a light aircraft (Cessna 206). The instrument is a pushbroom imaging spectrometer employing a Sagnac (triangle) interferometer. The instrument operates over a range of 350 - 1050 nm with 256 spectral channels, and a 13 degree FOV with an 0.8 mrad IFOV (450 spatial channels). Installed with the optical instrument are attitude sensors, a scene camera, a downwelling sensor and in-flight calibration equipment. This paper will focus on the description of both the optical system and the support equipment used in this revolutionary instrument.

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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering