A Ray-tracing Approach to Simulation and Evaluation of a Real-Time Quarter Car Model with Semi-active Suspension System using Matlab

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With the advent of X-by-wire systems, more research has been done in the field of semi-active suspension systems. These systems are not only lighter and less complicated than active suspension systems but also consume less power for operation. Power economy is crucial in an X-by-wire system because all of the safety critical systems run on electrical power in an X-by-wire vehicle. In this study, a comparison will be done on the performance of a real-time non-linear semi-active control scheme versus a passive suspension scheme. This comparison is done by using Matlab graphic visualization and Simulink to generate a graphic model of both simulations and observing the performance of both systems in real time. A mathematical model is created in Simulink and the response, given a certain excitation is output into a graphic object to view the Real-Time response. The main purpose of this study is to provide a method for ride control system engineers to evaluate their design and better visualize the performance of the designed system.

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Proceedings of the ASME Design Engineering Technical Conference