Calculation of the die entry flow of a concentrated polymer solution using micro-macro simulations

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A micro-macro simulation algorithm for the calculation of polymeric flow is developed and implemented. The algorithm couples standard finite element techniques to compute velocity and pressure fields with stochastic simulation techniques to compute polymer stress from simulated polymer dynamics. The polymer stress is computed using a microscopic-based rheological model that combines aspects of network and reptation theory with aspects of continuum mechanics. The model dynamics include two Gaussian stochastic processes, each of which is destroyed and regenerated according to a survival time randomly generated from the material's relaxation spectrum. The Eulerian form of the evolution equations for the polymer configurations is spatially discretized using the discontinuous Galerkin method. The algorithm is tested on benchmark contraction domains for a polyisobutylene solution. In particular, the flow in the abrupt die entry domain is simulated and the simulation results are compared to experimental data. The results exhibit the correct qualitative behavior of the polymer and agree well with the experimental data. Copyright © 2006 by ASME.

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Journal of Fluids Engineering, Transactions of the ASME