Growth Strategies and Value Creation: What Works Best for Stock Exchanges?

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In recent years, demutualized stock exchanges increasingly have been engaging in mergers and acquisition (M&A) and alliance activities. To examine the effect of these growth strategies on exchange shareholders' value creation, we focus on 15 public stock exchanges and investigate their short-run share price responses to the formation of 111 M&As and alliances around the world spanning the period 2000-2008. Our findings show that the average stock price responses for M&As and alliances are positive. M&As create more value than alliances. For alliances, joint ventures generate more value than nonequity alliances. More value accrues when the integration is horizontal than when it is vertical. Cross-border integration creates more value than domestic integration. In addition, there is evidence of learning-by-doing effects in stock exchange integration activities. Finally, we find that when the partnering exchange is located in a country with better shareholder protection, accounting standards, and capital market development, more shareholder value accrues to our sample exchange. These patterns are consistent when we examine the exchanges' long-run performance. © 2012, The Eastern Finance Association.

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Financial Review